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Birch Bank Camp Rental Policy

Summary Preamble:

The purpose of Birch Bank Camp is to provide a wonderful and affordable ‘up north’ experience in a Christian and family environment. We recognize that some may not share our Christian values however we do expect that these values will be respected by all our guests.

Accordingly we ask that our guests wear modest swim-wear, including no bikinis/mid riffs. No use of profane or vulgar language and if consuming alcohol – to do so in moderation. No music is to be played outside of the cottage or campsite and recreational cannabis use is not permitted on our property.

By filling out our rental form and submitting it, you are indicating your agreement to respect our efforts to provide a Christian and family environment. Failure to do so may place you in the position of being asked to leave immediately and risk being denied future rental requests.

1. Check-in time is Saturday at 11:00 a.m. (no early check-ins please) and check-out time is Saturday 10:00 a.m. This gives time for our staff to check the cottage to ensure they are in good repair for you and allows our freshly washed floors time to dry.

2. No Sunday check-ins. If a cottage happens to be open on the Friday night prior to your vacation and you would like to come early, a daily rate charge will apply.

3. A deposit of $300.00 is required to confirm your cottage reservation and a $50.00 deposit for your campsite reservation. Confirmation deposits are due upon booking reservation. The full balance owing is due 30 days before arrival.

4. Absolutely no smoking in the cottages at any time.

5. Each cottage can accommodate six people but we do allow up to 8. If the immediate family is larger than 8, we will permit that. (this would not include married kids). If your numbers don't exceed 8, your married kids would be welcome to join you. No dogs/pets allowed.

6. Each cottager will need to bring their own toiletries, towels, linens, blankets and pillows. We do not have laundry facilities on the premises.The nearest laundry mat is in Powassan.

7. Please do not put anything in the toilets other than toilet paper. Anything else will get tangled in the sump pump and cause your toilet to plug.

8. Please keep the noise down after 11:00 p.m.

9. Please use the docks by the main beaches as the docks by the trailer sites are privately owned. Always walk behind trailer sites and cottages to allow for their privacy. If bringing a sea-doo, please enjoy it away from the beach to avoid noise for other vacationers.This would mean idling your sea-doo when heading out and coming back in. If bringing an ATV it may not be driven on the property but idled to the driveway to head for the trails.

10. There are kayaks and canoes for your use. Feel free to use them, but please return them to the right side of the dock. There are also life jackets in the fish hut for your use. Please do not leave them lying on the beach but return to the fish hut. During your stay, your lawn chairs can stay folded up against the rocks at the end of the day.

11. Please leave your cottage neat and clean when leaving, – as you would expect to find it yourself upon arrival. We ask that those with dishwasher privileges ensure they are unloaded. We do not have house keeping staff. There is a list of expectations in the cottages. Please leave the doors unlocked for our next guests.

12. Please place your trash in a clear garbage bag prior to putting it in the bins outside. Do use a small plastic bag to wrap diapers prior to placing them in the outside garbage bins. The locking latches must be able to close. Never leave garbage outside for the animals to enjoy! Please do not litter anywhere on our campgrounds. Fish guts to be taken far out into the lake (not at the end of the dock) or put in your freezer until garbage day.

13. It is mandatory that we recycle cardboard, plastics & cans. There are recycling boxes in your cottages which you will need to empty into the large recycling containers by the beach at the end of your stay. Glass is not recyclable in this township so it is to be placed in the garbage. Specific recycling details you will find posted in the cottage. Please remind your children that the recycling boxes at the beach are not for garbage.

14. There is a “natural water spring” where you can fill the water containers. It is accessible by boat or by car located on Hawthorne Drive 1/2 km west of Restoule on the south side of the road. There is a railing and steps going down to the watering hole.

15. Cottages are equipped with barbecues and propane. If your tank runs empty there are full replacements beside the garage.

16. Firewood is $20.00 a wheelbarrow for your campfires. There is a lock box in the wood shed for your cash. Use the fire-pits for your campfires. Make sure to douse your campfires prior to retiring for the night.

17. Please have the beach cleared by Friday evening so we can rake the beach early Saturday morning. Don’t forget to remove the rocks and fill the big holes your kids have dug for their sand castles.

18. We do our best to ensure that cottages are clean and safe from pests and harmful bacteria. To aid in that we request that you do the following: • Keep suitcases off of the floor and beds.• Hang up wet towels and swimsuits. • Please do not sleep directly on the mattress covers.• Vacuum cleaners are not to be interchanged between cottages.

All guests agree to release Birch Bank Camp from liability against any and all loss, claims, actions, damages, costs, expenses, personal injury, damage to property, or any other loss or injury arising from any occurrence while at the camp. Birch Bank Camp reserves the right to deny any rental request.